Check whether two Strings are Anagram of each other using HashMap in Java

Write a function to check whether two given strings are an Anagram of each other or not.
An anagram of a string is another string that contains the same characters, only the order of characters can be different.

// Java code to check whether two strings 
// are Anagram or not using HashMap 

import java.util.*; 

class GFG { 

// Function to check whether two strings 
// are an anagram of each other 
static boolean areAnagram(String str1, String str2) 

HashMap<Character, Integer> hmap1 
= new HashMap<Character, Integer>(); 
HashMap<Character, Integer> hmap2 
= new HashMap<Character, Integer>(); 

char arr1[] = str1.toCharArray(); 
char arr2[] = str2.toCharArray(); 

// Mapping first string 
for (int i = 0; i < arr1.length; i++) { 

if (hmap1.get(arr1[i]) == null) { 

hmap1.put(arr1[i], 1); 
else { 
Integer c = (int)hmap1.get(arr1[i]); 
hmap1.put(arr1[i], ++c); 

// Mapping second String 
for (int j = 0; j < arr2.length; j++) { 

if (hmap2.get(arr2[j]) == null) 
hmap2.put(arr2[j], 1); 
else { 

Integer d = (int)hmap2.get(arr2[j]); 
hmap2.put(arr2[j], ++d); 

if (hmap1.equals(hmap2)) 
return true; 
return false; 

// Test function 
public static void test(String str1, String str2) 

System.out.println("Strings to be checked are:\n"
+ str1 + "\n" + str2 + "\n"); 

// Find the result 
if (areAnagram(str1, str2)) 
System.out.println("The two strings are"
+ "anagram of each other\n"); 
System.out.println("The two strings are not"
+ " anagram of each other\n"); 

// Driver program 
public static void main(String args[]) 

// Get the Strings 
String str1 = "geeksforgeeks"; 
String str2 = "forgeeksgeeks"; 

// Test the Strings 
test(str1, str2); 

// Get the Strings 
str1 = "geeksforgeeks"; 
str2 = "geeks"; 

// Test the Strings 
test(str1, str2); 

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